Prophets Circle Report

So this was the second time we met for the ‘Prophets Circle’ it was a very challenging and encouraging time. Again the Lord brought to our attention the state of the nation. All that can be shaken is being shaken! We were also challenged on our obedience to Jesus. We no longer have the luxury of procrastination!


We discussed the gift of the apostle and prophet and that God uses them to ‘lay the foundation’ of Jesus Christ. We asked the question, what does that look like?


We prayed for fresh revelation of this and for an embracing of the foundation laying gifts, for understanding of the five gifts, how they function and work in partnership. God is restoring was another word. He is restoring his church to the true pattern that he created!
We ate together, prophesied over each other, prayed for our nation and God healed someone’s back condition.


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