The prophetic word below is from Clifford Hill at Issachar Ministries, Moggerhanger Park.


A Call to Prayer

A spirit of deception is sweeping across Scotland that threatens to bring disaster, not only upon the people of Scotland, but upon the whole United Kingdom.

The first phone call Monica and I received on returning home from a three-day prayer retreat last week was from one of our Prayer Partners up in the Highlands of Scotland who said she has been repeatedly receiving a word from the Lord both in sleep and when she is awake – the word is the writing on the wall seen by Belshazzar – “MENE, MENE,TEKEL, UPARSIN” –“Your days are numbered; you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians”
This tied in completely with the words of warning I had been given from Ezekiel 33 that if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people he will be held accountable. This is the word of the Lord to the people of Britain today, “As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! (Ezekiel 33.11).

God has been warning our nation for 40 years that he would shake all nations and that Britain was facing disaster unless there was repentance and turning. He has sent many signs and prophetic words which have been ignored.

In 1980 I published a book, “Towards the Dawn” saying that all the pillars of society in Britain would crumble unless there was repentance and turning. Today, we are on the brink of catastrophe: the pillars of society are crumbling – the family, the economy, the church – all are being shaken as corruption and abuse are exposed; the bankers, the politicians, the police, the social services, the journalists, and the celebrities.
Now the nation is on the edge of disaster – if Scotland votes “Yes” on 18 September the people of Scotland will pull down the whole house around them. They have got good cause for wanting to be free from rule by Westminster but if they vote for independence all the main institutions of society will collapse. In the lifetime of many still living, Great Britain has lost her Empire, the Commonwealth is crumbling and now the very existence of the United Kingdom is threatened.

In 1911 the Mother Barbara Prophecy foretold the great shaking of the nations that is now taking place. “Not one country will be without trial but do not be frightened of anything you will hear. An evil will shortly take Russia and wherever this evil comes, rivers of blood will flow… In the last days Germany will be divided in two. France will just be nothing. Italy will be judged by natural disasters. Britain will lose her Empire and all her colonies and will come to almost total ruin, but will be saved by praying women. America will feed the world but will finally collapse….”

Last year Britain crossed a red line in passing a law to re-define marriage which is part of God’s creation and judgement became inevitable. But amazingly God still loves this nation! He is promising that if the faithful remnant will intercede before him now, total disaster can still be averted. The Lord is calling his watchmen to blow the trumpet and intercede on behalf of the nation. The time is short to mobilise the prayers of the faithful, but it can be done. Pray now most urgently that the United Kingdom does not collapse with all the ensuing chaos which will follow.

Clifford Hill
8 September 2014

originally sent to from Jackie Warren
Issachar Ministries / C and M Ministries
Moggerhanger Park, Beds., UK (where Wilberforce visited)

As well as what is written here, yesterday I was talking with an 82-year-old man, a former Peculiar Church pastor, who said that his father foresaw this many years ago because of the UK’s reneging on the 1917 Balfour Declaration over the formation of Israel. “Because we didn’t keep our promises, our land is being broken up,” was the essence of what he said.

Whatever you think of Boris Johnson, his opinion is that we are ‘sleepwalking into catastrophe’. O sleeper awake!

Conversely, interpretations of other national prophetic words by such as Jean Darnell and Smith Wigglesworth, appear to come from the standpoint of a United Kingdom.

I merely pass this on for folk to weigh up and maybe pass to others for prayer.

Personally, I really do believe this is extremely important and that the Union must be retained. However, whatever occurs, God is not surprised, and His Kingdom shall continue to grow, and our ministry will truly need to become the ministry of reconciliation.

I also believe that there could come an even greater crisis of national identity than that we already suffer from. There is a sense that the English have become defined by their relationship with the Welsh, the Irish and the Scots, and not the other way round. It has been said that the four gifts of the four nations of our Union are:

England – ruler
Ireland – teacher
Scotland – prophet
Wales – exhorter / encourager

If, as sibling nations we dwelt together in unity, would not the Lord command his blessing for life evermore (Psalm 133), and Godly influence be felt around the world?

Tim Harrold
Transformation Thurrock


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