Prophetic Word – November 2012 – The Floods Across the UK

Observing the floods that have been happening across our nation for the last few years a prophetic picture began to evolve in my spirit recently. It is important to note at this stage that this is not a so called word about the judgement of God. I believe that this is a picture of what God has started to do in our nation.

WEATHER Storms 3

The rivers will burst their flood banks and waters will flow into the villages, towns and cities, the high street and the country roads. I believe that the holy spirit has been contained in structures and frameworks that we have put him in, but the rivers bursting their banks is a picture of how the holy spirit is reaching out into the homes of all peoples. The waters will go under the doors of homes saturating carpets, flooring, walls, etc. Man made structures will become useless in the presence of these mighty waters, coming into our lives and bringing the presence of God to everyday people.

This is a work of the holy spirit and it is not about the “sending out” of human beings (although this does feature but not in this prophetic word)!! It has already began, the flood levels are rising and the rains are increasing. This is still an unseen work but very soon, we will begin to “perceive” it!! As I said earlier, it is outside of the “structures” (grooves that rivers have previously flowed in)!!

This process has began and nothing can hold it back…………

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