A Broken Army

As we we’re praying I saw the Holy Spirit moving over a valley. In the valley was what appeared to be broken pieces of clay. As the Holy Spirit moved over the broken pieces they formed together to create a massive clay looking warrior holding a spear and shield. The Spirit hovered over this warrior and then it became animated and started running towards battle. I saw many of these warriors running up and down the UK.

This vision unfolded over the couple of hours we were praying. During that time we felt the Spirit saying that he was removing hindrances from his people, stripping things away, breaking strongholds. We felt materialism and religion are two of the hindrances that are being removed from the Church in the UK.

I believe that in this vision the broken clay represents those who have allowed themselves to be stripped and broken by the Father. The Holy Spirit breathed on them and formed them into mighty warriors who went into battle for the Lord. Not a physical battle but a spiritual battle for the lost people in this nation, the UK.

I really feel that now is the time to lay ourselves before Christ and allow him to do his work of breaking us, stripping us, making us into holy vessels. Only those who are truly broken will do great exploits for the Lord. I don’t believe it will be one or two great men or women of God but it will be many, many, many, a vast army of broken people up and down this United Kingdom seeing many in this nation turning to Jesus and becoming his disciples.

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